Our Story

Founded by Miggy Mason and Roisin (Row-sheen) Giese in 2010, Twelve Chairs is the spirited collaboration of two longtime friends whose shared aesthetic and design sensibility combines their passion for authentic interiors. Inspired by the subtle details and enduring character of vintage and custom craftsmanship, Twelve Chairs transforms the vision and aspirations of their clients’ into spaces that are layered, collected and bestowed with a personal touch.

Graduates of Cornell University, the duo’s story begins over ten years ago. A studio design course where the pair first met would come to shape their creative identity and collaborative approach. Naming one chair for each of their studio classmates, Twelve Chairs reflects its own storied history and similarly believes that their clients’ sense of style and individual identity should be captured and infused throughout their home. A pursuit that inevitably relies upon engaging dialogues and open communication, their commitment to their clients ensures that each project is a unique and expressive representation that is at once inviting, livable and thoughtfully designed. At the end of the day, Twelve Chairs envisions a home’s transformation to be a familiar and energizing place where their clients love spending time.

Since opening their doors in Boston’s up-and-coming Fort Point neighborhood, Twelve Chairs garnered the attention of local and national press. Three years later in the fall of 2013, Twelve Chairs embarked upon a new chapter when it moved to 581 Tremont Street in Boston’s historic South End. In its current home, Twelve Chairs continues to flourish as a bustling design studio, taking on projects throughout Boston and beyond.