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Personalized Design Package: Classic Family Room

We wanted to share a sneak peek of another Personalized Design Package project. A family in Lexington reached out to us in the process of renovating some rooms in their home. They had hired a contractor to do some work in their family room and with structural renovation plans underway, they decided it was time to start thinking about the interior design.

Personalized Design Package | Lexington Family Room

When describing the space that they envisioned, they used words such as ‘warm’,  ‘inviting’, and ‘family friendly’. They had two school aged boys and a large extended family, so they needed a place where they could entertain a crowd and an area where their boys could settle in and do homework during the week. They also wanted the room to feel elevated and ‘adult’, where they, as parents, could curl up and enjoy some quiet time by the fireplace.

Personalized Design Package | Lexington Family Room

For our clients, an important element of the design would be having the ability to “sit test” their new sofa. Generally,  we recommend testing out major upholstery pieces, especially if comfort is an influencing factor. With the layout and floor plan established for the space, we jumped into sourcing and made it our priority to use local resources and vendors.

Personalized Design Package | Lexington Family Room

We recommended a fresh coat of paint in a subtle and soft wash of gray to brighten up and refresh their previous yellow walls. Then we layered hues of coral and blue pastels throughout. We love incorporating texture and pattern through pillows and throws to bring in a touch of warmth and dimension to the space. Then, to finish off the family room, we recommend a cohesive collection of art. Two oversized double-hung prints fit perfectly on a large blank wall, while smaller scaled complimentary pieces accentuate other focal points in the room.

Personalized Design Package | Lexington Family Room

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Personalized Design Package: South Boston Loft

We’ve been wrapping up a lot of projects in the past few months and wanted to share one of our latest Personalized Design Package designs with you.

Our client, a busy professional who travels constantly for work, had recently moved into a gorgeous South Boston loft (brick walls, floor to ceiling windows, tons of space!) and was looking to cozy it up. She loved the loft’s modern and industrial feel, but really wanted to transform the space into a welcoming oasis where she could unwind and relax at the end of stressful days. Her style was sophisticated and chic. So to kick things off, we started looking at inspiration photos to nail down the vibe. Take a look!

Personalized Design Package | South Boston Loft

After discussing the images and vision for her home, we decided on the color palette: layered neutrals with lots of textured detail. This concept would be the driving force behind the design. Now that we had a defined direction, we jumped into sourcing and began gathering the perfect pieces for each room. Below you’ll see the design board that we presented for her living room.

Personalized Design Package | South Boston Loft

One design challenge with her home was defining and giving purpose to each square foot of her gracious living space. It, alone, was almost 400 square feet! To help ground the living space and provide a focal point for the seating area in the room, we placed a 8′ ft long media console against one wall. We loved that the lines of the piece felt streamlined and clean, but that it didn’t feel too weighty for being so large. Incorporating a t.v. in the space was also important to our client. Knowing that this console provide so much surface area was great, so we suggested positioning the t.v. off center and then balancing it with a moody accent lamp and a curated collection of plants.

Personalized Design Package | South Boston Loft

We love incorporating texture through accessories and think that it brings a touch of warmth and dimension to every space. For our client, we sourced a thick chunky knit throw, neutral sofa pillows with organic and geometric shapes, woven baskets for plants, and a couple cozy oversized floor cushions for additional seating and everyday lounging.

Personalized Design Package | South Boston Loft

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Inspiration Photos: 1. Thomas O’Brien / 2. Hewing Hotel / 3. Domino / 4. Jessica Helgerson

behind the design: install day

One of our favorite days are install days. In just hours, months of design decisions come together to transform a house into a home. These moments however are rarely documented (and our i-phone photos just can’t do them justice!). When our friend, the super talented photographer Lara Woolfson of Studio Nouveau, offered to photograph an install day we jumped at the chance. Thank you Lara for capturing the excitement, choreography and bustle of it all!

001a It starts with the arrival of the delivery van. We have all furnishings sent to a receiver. They inspect each piece when it arrives and then store it until the install day.

001b Watching pieces come out of the delivery van (especially custom pieces like this chair) never gets old. It is like Christmas morning!


002b The delivery team, Joe and Dylan of Sico Delivery, carefully place each piece of furniture in our client’s home.

003aWhile Joe and Dylan place the larger items like chairs and tables, we tackle opening and assembling the smaller items like lamps.

004a Meanwhile our electrician, Ben, installs all the light fixtures (note: all rough electrical work is completed prior to install day).

004b Sometimes a light fixture will require assembly. Erin hung all 64 of those bone china plates. Big thanks to Erin for her patience – the end result was so worth it!

004cEach piece is placed according to the floor plan we create at the beginning of the project. (Note: the custom window treatments were installed the day before.)


005b For this project we designed a custom dining banquette. The cabinetry was built on site and painted a few weeks prior. On install day we had the back and seat cushions installed. Seeing our drawings come to life is one of the best parts of our job.

006bOnce all the rugs are laid, furniture is placed, light fixtures are hung, beds are made and pillows are fluffed, we place the art. Moments after the last piece was hung our client arrived home. Seeing her reaction is why install days are our favorite.

Stay tuned for our next blog post with final photos of the space!