Personalized Design Package: South Boston Loft

We’ve been wrapping up a lot of projects in the past few months and wanted to share one of our latest Personalized Design Package designs with you.

Our client, a busy professional who travels constantly for work, had recently moved into a gorgeous South Boston loft (brick walls, floor to ceiling windows, tons of space!) and was looking to cozy it up. She loved the loft’s modern and industrial feel, but really wanted to transform the space into a welcoming oasis where she could unwind and relax at the end of stressful days. Her style was sophisticated and chic. So to kick things off, we started looking at inspiration photos to nail down the vibe. Take a look!

Personalized Design Package | South Boston Loft

After discussing the images and vision for her home, we decided on the color palette: layered neutrals with lots of textured detail. This concept would be the driving force behind the design. Now that we had a defined direction, we jumped into sourcing and began gathering the perfect pieces for each room. Below you’ll see the design board that we presented for her living room.

Personalized Design Package | South Boston Loft

One design challenge with her home was defining and giving purpose to each square foot of her gracious living space. It, alone, was almost 400 square feet! To help ground the living space and provide a focal point for the seating area in the room, we placed a 8′ ft long media console against one wall. We loved that the lines of the piece felt streamlined and clean, but that it didn’t feel too weighty for being so large. Incorporating a t.v. in the space was also important to our client. Knowing that this console provide so much surface area was great, so we suggested positioning the t.v. off center and then balancing it with a moody accent lamp and a curated collection of plants.

Personalized Design Package | South Boston Loft

We love incorporating texture through accessories and think that it brings a touch of warmth and dimension to every space. For our client, we sourced a thick chunky knit throw, neutral sofa pillows with organic and geometric shapes, woven baskets for plants, and a couple cozy oversized floor cushions for additional seating and everyday lounging.

Personalized Design Package | South Boston Loft

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Inspiration Photos: 1. Thomas O’Brien / 2. Hewing Hotel / 3. Domino / 4. Jessica Helgerson

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