local artist spotlight: katrine hildebrandt

Our latest installation in the 12stairs gallery is up, and we’re giddy with excitement! We’re all longtime fans of Katrine Hildebrandt’s work here in the shop! This is Katrine’s second show with us, and we can’t wait to share her new body of work with you all. This creative installation was curated by Anna Schindelar.

Katrine Hilderbrandt 1

Katrine’s work is made by burning, cutting, and sewing detailed patterns that “mediate on the correlation between chaos and order, permanence and transience, and the interconnectivity of the universe”. Her work is inspired by “sacred geometry and the metaphysical mapping of space and time”.

Katrine Hilderbrandt 2

The show will continue through the spring and we hope you’ll stop by and enjoy it. Call or e-mail with any questions regarding availability and pricing. {photos by Amber Hakim}

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