Portfolio: Downtown Condo, Part 2

Last week we shared a few glimpses into the living room design of the downtown condo featured last month on Houzz. Read on for a few more tidbits on the master bedroom.

Twelve Chairs Boston | Portfolio | Downtown CondoNeutrals of gray and cream keep the room feeling airy and serene, while the coral accents add warmth and contrast. The light blue walls feel soft and sophisticated.

Twelve Chairs Boston | Portfolio | Downtown CondoA bench and ambient light in the way of sconces break up the hallway leading from the master suite entry to the bedroom area. This also created a mini-dressing area just outside of the walk-in closet.

Twelve Chairs Boston | Portfolio | Downtown CondoRight: Walnut bedside tables with hidden storage add a bit of edginess to the otherwise tranquil color scheme.

Twelve Chairs Boston | Portfolio | Downtown CondoA piece by one of our favorite artists, Erin Lynn Welsh, was the perfect addition to the large blank wall beside the bed. The soft blues and corals in the oil painting tie in perfectly with the rest of the room’s color scheme.

Our Three Favorite Features:

  • large scale art by Erin Lynn Welsh via Uprise Art (also featured in the living room)
  • simple cream drapery with a coral Greek Key trim adds privacy, light control, and softness
  • a standard Cisco Brothers headboard is customized with extra height for added drama

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