introducing erin

We are so excited to finally introduce our incredible Project Manager, Erin. She’s our go-to girl for all things hip and fabulous around the city. If we could use only five words to describe Erin we would say she is well-traveled, encouraging, classy, fashionable, and upbeat. She has been a huge part of the Twelve Chairs team since 2013 and is always there to keep our client orders (and our team) on schedule and in line. We asked Erin to answer some of our favorite interview questions in a very Twelve Chairs fashion.

Erin Butterfly Chair

Where do you currently reside?

I currently reside in a hidden part of Boston called Bay Village. Tucked away between the Theater District and the South End. The brick sidewalks and gas street lamps used to be home to the architects of Beacon Hill, and the neighborhood prides itself for being the birth place of Edgar Allen Poe!

What are you up to these days?

Right now I am trying to train for a 5K, making Nantucket Baskets for wedding gifts, and enjoying everything fall.

What five words best describe you?

Creative, historic, empathic, enthusiastic, and (if you follow astrology) most people say I am a classic Libra.

What is your favorite number?

My favorite number is 12! Its my birthday (October 12), the number of my favorite athlete – Tom Brady, it makes up a dozen, comes before the unlucky number 13, and is the start of where I work. It’s one of the many reasons I was attracted to work at Twelve Chairs!

What is your favorite chair? 

I have too many, but my favorite chair at the moment is the Hardoy Chair by Jorge Ferrari Hardoy – more commonly know as the Butterfly Chair. I recently found a vintage original frame with a leather cover and totally fell in love! The chair is simple,  structurally beautiful, and timeless (originally designed in 1938). But the best part is when you sit in the chair you feel like you are floating in air – you don’t want to get up!


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