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We are very pleased to announce the promotion of our incredibly wonderful and multi-talented Shop Associate, Courtney, to her new position of Shop Manager & Creative Coordinator. We thank our lucky stars on a daily basis to have Courtney as part of our Twelve Chairs team and are so ecstatic that she has accepted the role. If we could use only five words to describe Courtney we would say she is artistic, enterprising, original, thoughtful (in all senses of the word), and enthusiastic. She has been instrumental in our growth over the past year and we’re so excited for what this new year will bring. Without further ado, Courtney has answered a few of our favorite interview questions with a Twelve Chairs spin.

Courtney Eames Rocker

Where do you currently reside?

Downtown Providence, Rhode Island

What are you up to these days?

When I’m not working at the lovely Twelve Chairs, I’m either bothering my cat, throwing wedding plans at my (very recent) fiance, or planning my next blog post. Sometimes I find time in between to wander around my new city or help out Foret Design during their major projects.

What five words best describe you?

Crafty. Cheesy. Changing. Excited. Realistic.

What is your favorite number?


What is your favorite chair?

Easy! The Eames Rocker by Ray + Charles Eames for Herman Miller. I love its shape, scale, look, and feel. I remember looking through different design books when I was younger and realizing that no matter what style the interior was, this chair always felt right in the space. In my opinion, it’s just about the perfect chair for any room!


P.S. Look out for more posts from Courtney where she plans to “talk shop” and give you more of a look into the great products we’re carrying, the companies we represent, and much more.


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